When you plan to eat at the Digante restaurant, a beach resort, be prepared to have a burst of flavours in your mouth and an impeccable culinary experience across the entire menu.
As an on-the-beach resort in Mandarmani, we offer an exclusive range of indulgent fresh, local and sustainably sourced seafood.
Whether you want to dine out in the open on the beach or experience our culinary feast in the comfort of your room or restaurant, you will discover why we are one of the best seafood restaurants in Mandarmani.

We can proudly say that as dreamers who built the resort, our imagination is evident in our innovative food menu. At Dignate, we strive to pair the perfect ingredients with finely tuned techniques to bring the unspoiled taste of the seafood brought from the local waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Come to Dingante to celebrate the array of seafood that Mandarmani offers!